Pool Service and Pump Repair

Pool Service

Pool ServiceYou want to be able to use your pool. Our technicians go through continuous training, so they know how to keep your pool serviced as needed. There are tools and techniques that you will have at your disposal for your top pool operation. Services include:

 •  Pump repairs

 •  Filter repairs

 •  Equipment additions and upgrades

 •  7 certified service technicians

 •  2 certified pool builders

Pump Repair

Pump RepairHas your pump or filter been broken from years of use? Our experts at Heritage Pools and Recreation can get your pump back up and running. With years of experience and the right tools and equipment we can make even the most damaged pumps run like new. We perform repairs both in-store and in the field.

For more information please call our Sutton, MA or Putnam, CT location. Please feel free to fill out our contact form and have us reach out to you as well!

Need Pool Help? Give Us A Call! Sutton, MA: 508-865-3657 Putnam, CT: 860-928-0118