It’s Time To Get That Pool

Pool ServiceFor how many years have you been saying that you wanted to get in on having a pool? If it has been so long that you can’t remember when you first said it, then it is time to consider installing your pool. Many don’t want to have one because of the pool service required with it, like maintenance and repairs. The benefits of having a pool outweigh the negatives 10 to 1.



No need to go away to swim

You don’t need to go on vacation to be able to enjoy swimming this time. Usually, you could only enjoy the water properly when you went away. When you install a pool in your home, however, you can sit down every night by your pool and at your leisure and jump in, swim, or even just lay out getting some sun.


Exercise in a low-stress way

Exercising in water allows for you to get all the activity you need without putting too much strain on your joints. Due to the way your body’s buoyancy changes in the water, you can do a rigorous amount of exercise and not fully feel the effects because you have more support than if you were to say, run on concrete.


You can control how clean your pool is

Community pools are not the greatest at keeping up with their cleanliness. While you want to hope that there is nothing in the basin, community pools sometimes have traces of fecal matter in the water. Not every community pool is like this, but you can have ease of mind knowing that you know exactly when you last checked the chemicals in the water and did a full cleaning.


The parties will be at your house every 4th of July

You won’t need to travel to family’s houses every holiday. The family will want to come to you so you can relax and have some wine while your family enjoys the pool. Having a pool is an excellent way to be able to reconnect with relatives that may have fallen out of touch. Even if they come because you advertise a pool party, you can create and recreate bonds lost.


Your kids will want to be home (so will 30 of their closest friends)

You will always know where your children are. Having a pool typically means that your kids are more likely to stay home during the summer than wander. Your kids and their friends will probably have quality time at the house, and you can know that they are safe and that they aren’t getting into trouble.


Home Value

Having a pool in some cases makes your insurance go up, but it also will increase the resale value of your home. While you may not be thinking of selling your home right away, it is important to remember that there may be a day that you do, and pools are a huge selling point.



Pool service may be the downside to having a pool due to cost and routine maintenance, but in the long run, having one leads to many exciting aspects. Not only that, but the experts at Heritage Pool can help you every step of the journey. Call us today to see what pool service we can do for you and your pool needs at (860)-928-0118.

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