The Importance of a Pool Cover

As the summer season comes to a close, it’s getting to be that time to close your pool. Part of preparing it for the winter includes covering it. But a summertime pool cover can be equally as important in keeping it clean in between uses. Although you undoubtedly have a heavy duty cover for the winter, consider adding a more lightweight one for everyday use to your collection of pool supplies.

Keep Nature Out

During the summer, thunderstorms and high winds are inevitable. These occurrences can send debris like sticks and leaves into your pool, increasing the need to vacuum and clean. Debris like dirt, leaves and small insects can also accumulate without a cover.

Having a pool cover will also stop small animals from getting into your pool.  Fur from the animals can block your filter, or they could drown. It could also become a  breeding ground for mosquitoes should you not cover it. Though you regularly use it, there is still a chance that overnight mosquitoes could start to breed. Having a pool cover in your repertoire of pool supplies can prevent them from getting into the water overnight.

Keep Your Pool Safe

While having a fence around your pool is the best way to keep your pets and kids out of the water, a pool cover can add another layer of protection. They should never be in a pool area without supervision, but having a pool cover can help deter any possible accidents.

Pools are a lot of maintenance, but there are steps you can take to ensure it looks its best while minimizing the work you have to do. At Heritage Recreation, we offer a variety of pool supplies, including different styles of covers, to make taking care of your backyard oasis a breeze. Visit our store in Putnam CT or Sutton MA today to check out all we have to offer!

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