How To Tell If Your Pump Needs Repairs

pool pump repairTaking care of your pool is key to enjoying your summer months home from school or on vacation from work. Little maintenance things are standard when it comes to a pool. Cleaning the water, testing chemicals, and the like are all natural parts of cleaning your pool. However, the big problems get complicated when you need to consider pool pump repair. The pump of your pool is what keeps it going on those long days of swimming and fun. Telling when your pump needs repairs can be relatively easy as long as you know what signs to observe.



Unusual noises

Your pump will naturally make noise as it pulls the water in and out to clean it. Basic running sounds are natural, and you can tell when your pump is doing its job. It is when the noises become abnormal that you should check your pump and repair if needed.


Leaking water

While a day of splashing around in the pool can lead to excess water on the ground, your pump should not be leaking the water. If you notice water around your pump, check to see if it is constant or only shows up after a day of cannonballs. It will tell you if your pump is leaking as it pulls in the water, and could indicate a crack somewhere in the system.


Reduce pumping

If you realize that it is not doing the job it used to in pumping the water, then you should consider a repair. It could mean that the motor is going or that there is something wrong with the function of the pump. Getting this checked out is key to ensuring that your pump continues to work correctly in the height of summer.


Pulling in air

While it may seem reasonable for your pump to pull in a little bit of air, it is not something that should be happening with your pump. The pump should only be drawing in water, and if it starts to pull in air, the mechanism is starting to fail and will require pool pump repair.


Motor doesn’t turn on or will turn off on its own

Many pumps will have a motor that will turn on and off while it is in use and out of use. It is easy to control the electricity used. If your pump begins not to activate, or comes on but then turns off on its own, it is time to consider getting your pump repaired. It means that there is either something wrong with the motor or a connection inside of the pump and is typically the last stage of pump failure.



Your pool pump is essential in helping to keep your pool clean and free from nasty bacteria. It may seem something trivial to consider, but all aspects of your pool must stay maintained so that you can enjoy your pool for a long time. At the first warning signs, call Heritage Pool for all of your pool pump repair needs at (860)-928-0118.

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