What It Takes to be Certified

pool store in Massachusetts When you work with pool specialists, you want to ensure that they have accreditation. Certifications help assure you that you get the service required from a pool store in Massachusetts. For employees to operate in any state as a builder or a technician, certifications are necessary. The certifications usually come with courses and constant training to keep people up to date with all of the new pool technology as it arrives. Considering the necessary knowledge that accompanies installing and maintaining a pool, it is best that you find a certified tech.




When it comes to certification, always consider your state requirements. There are a few certifications that you need to find and seek. One of the leading certifications to look for is the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals. This association, also known as APSP, is one of the most well-known pool safety organizations worldwide. They provide many options to ensure your certification gets completed. With live virtual courses, online courses, and computer testing, there are many ways to get APSP certified.

The virtual classes happen in 2-3 hour sessions through several weeks. Via phone and email connection, the instructor teaches you. This method prevents travel, time out of the office, and other issues that occur with traditional courses also. However, if the online options do not work, then there are limited classroom-based classes around the country.  APSP is a necessary certification, as it is the leading certification in Massachusetts and Connecticut. To become certified with APSP, a technician accrues five years of experience and 27 hours of practical learning. They will always be learning as things change in the industry.



The other certification that Heritage Pool has is from the Northeast Spa and Pool Association, or NESPA. NESPA is technically not available in Massachusetts. However, it is available in Connecticut. So, our team travels to continue our education for NESPA certifications. Our flexibility ensures that our team works at a pool store in Massachusetts or Connecticut. That way, everyone learns, and we can also work where wherever we need to.

With the continual education from both agencies and the learning requirements that our whole staff follows, certification is our top priority. As rules and regulations change, we enroll in continuing education.  Many think that after certification, you finish. However, that is not the case. Just like with teachers, continuing education makes our certifications the real deal.



When it comes to looking for the place to get your pool, consider their certifications, too. Depending on your state, some may not even have certifications. If there is no certification documentation present, turn around and walk out. Every member of the team needs accreditation and to participate in the continuous education offered through the certification association. For a pool store in Massachusetts with certified technicians that know all things pools, call Heritage Pool today.

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