Pools For Your Bucket List

pool repairsHaving a pool in your yard is a great way to enjoy summer fun. You can relax, get some color, and enjoy the day as you please without worrying about all the issues with public pools. However, going away and enjoying a pool elsewhere always feels a little bit more refreshing than hanging by your pool for some reason. Maybe it is because you don’t need to clean it afterward or deal with pool repairs?

There are many places to visit in the world, and life buzz never fails to let you know where you should visit before you can’t travel as much. These pools that life buzz covers are amazing and completely different from anything that you would see in your backyard. It can make it enticing to visit places that you would not normally consider. For all the pool buffs out there, it is important for you to consider all of your pool options when you plan your pool hopping adventure.

Swim in gold

Well, you don’t swim in some type of gold itself. That would turn out awkward, but in Tibet, at the St. Regis hotel, you can swim in its reflection. The pool here is a heated salt water pool and can allow guests to relax while enjoying the golden color. The color gets this way because the pool has 24 karat gold in crystals around the pool, so it reflects the color.

Swim with sharks

Staying within the United States is the reserve at the Golden Nugget in none other than Las Vegas. It boasts two pools, and the hotel has a pool that is something to remember. The one that we want to talk about is lovingly called the Tank. It gets its name for one reason: there is a shell that houses 300 animals, including sharks and rays. If you wanted to swim with sharks but are iffy about a cage, then this is the place to be. You can even go down the three-story waterslide through the tank if you so desire.

Swim in a library

While it is just the name of the hotel, swimming at a library is something that you need to consider in your lifetime. The best part of swimming at The Library in Thailand is swimming in the Red pool. This pool is a fantastic combination of orange, yellow, and red mosaic to make the pool an attractive red color. While it takes some time to figure out that the pool is okay to swim in, like any other pool, it is worth it.

Watering hole swim

Now, not many people will be able to say that they visited a safari, let alone that they swam on one. At the Chongwe River House, you can. This house has a pool that overlooks a watering hole where you can see nearly every animal show up during your stay. This pool is free of fences and blends with nature. While you can swim anywhere, why stop at home?

These pools remind us that there are plenty of pools for us to experience. Just because you have a pool at home doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t go away for the pools elsewhere. Pools are fun, and there are plenty of types for you to try out – plus, they are not yours, so you do not need to invest in pool repairs! For pool repairs and more, contact Heritage Pool at  (508)-865-3657 (Massachusetts)  or (860)-928-0118! 

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