Is Chlorine Safe For Your Dog?

pool suppliesWe all know that when humans ingest a little bit of chlorine, it won’t hurt us. People experience some eye irritation if you open them underwater, and it isn’t recommended to expose yourself to chlorinated water for extended periods of time. However, when it comes to summer fun in the water, humans are not the only creatures that may enjoy it. Many of us consider swimming pools to be family affairs – including the furry members of the family.


While we know that not all dogs can swim, it is important to consider everything when you think about letting your dog into the pool. One of the significant pool supplies that you need is chlorine. This chemical, as stated before, is more of an irritant for humans than anything else. However, we all know that dogs’ senses are far more sensitive than humans are. That means that they should be affected more than humans, right? We went to the American Kennel Club and heard what they had to say about what effects chlorine has on our pets and if you should consider a different chemical than chlorine.


Side Effects

Animals are more susceptible to chlorine than humans. According to the AKC, they actually can swim fine in a chlorinated pool. Not for extended periods of time, but it is something that is possible. However, many dogs have the habit of drinking water at any opportunity. It is essential that you deter this behavior as drinking excess amounts of chlorine is harmful. Always make sure that if you allow your friend in the yard with you that you have plenty of bowls of fresh, clean water and find ways to deter them.

Another issue that comes from swimming with dogs, especially those with floppy ears, is the risk of infections. The diseases come from the water and the dampness under the ear, not the chlorine itself. It is vital that if you have a dog like this that you make sure to take the time to help remove excess dampness from the underside of your pet’s ears, but there is no direct correlation to the infections with chlorine.


Overall, chlorine is not the worst part of allowing your dog to join the family in the water. However, experts recommend that you wet your pet so that the chlorine is gone, just like you would do. It will help remove any irritation that may linger from the chlorine that is left. Also, take the time to keep floppy ears moisture free. Summer is a fun time to spend soaking in the sun at the pool. The whole family should be able to enjoy it, so remember that chlorine is irritating, but for a quick dip, all of your family can enjoy the fun. For all of your pool supplies and more, visit Heritage Pool!

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