Salt Water vs. Chlorinated Pools

In case you haven’t heard in the past few years, there has been a surge in a new type of home pool system. The most common pool and pool service that many are used to is a chlorinated pool with a basic filter and chlorine in the basin to help kill the bacteria. The important […]

Prepare Your Pool for Winter

covered pool heritage

If you’re anything like us, you want to put off closing your pool until the last possible day. But delaying the inevitable can sometimes pose some problems. The whole point of closing your pool in New England is that it’s too cold to function properly. It’s essential to perform these “winterizing” tasks before it’s too […]

The Importance of a Pool Cover

As the summer season comes to a close, it’s getting to be that time to close your pool. Part of preparing it for the winter includes covering it. But a summertime pool cover can be equally as important in keeping it clean in between uses. Although you undoubtedly have a heavy duty cover for the […]

Is Your Dog A Swimmer?

With the hot summer months approaching, you can expect to spend at least some time in  swimming pools. Everyone likes a good cool down while beating the heat – even your dog! After visiting Heritage Recreation – our pool store in CT – to gather all your summer pool gear, it is time to sit and relax. […]

Five Reasons You Need A Hot Tub At Home

Stress Relief The number one benefit of owning a Bullfrog hot tub is how much more relaxed and at ease you will feel after a long day. The soothing jets and hot water will help the stresses of the day melt away. We at Heritage Pool vow to make your hot tub stress-free. From installation […]

Is Chlorine Safe For Your Dog?

We all know that when humans ingest a little bit of chlorine, it won’t hurt us. People experience some eye irritation if you open them underwater, and it isn’t recommended to expose yourself to chlorinated water for extended periods of time. However, when it comes to summer fun in the water, humans are not the […]

What It Takes to be Certified

When you work with pool specialists, you want to ensure that they have accreditation. Certifications help assure you that you get the service required from a pool store in Massachusetts. For employees to operate in any state as a builder or a technician, certifications are necessary. The certifications usually come with courses and constant training […]

It’s Time To Get That Pool

For how many years have you been saying that you wanted to get in on having a pool? If it has been so long that you can’t remember when you first said it, then it is time to consider installing your pool. Many don’t want to have one because of the pool service required with […]

How To Tell If Your Pump Needs Repairs

Taking care of your pool is key to enjoying your summer months home from school or on vacation from work. Little maintenance things are standard when it comes to a pool. Cleaning the water, testing chemicals, and the like are all natural parts of cleaning your pool. However, the big problems get complicated when you […]

Bullfrog Hot Tubs for Valentine’s Day

Whether you think it’s cheesy or not, Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to focus all your energy on the one you love and shower them with something special. But how about spending your money on something you can both enjoy? Chocolates and flowers are good classics, but maybe it’s time to step your game […]

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