Best Care Practices for Your Vinyl Pool Liner

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Spring has arrived in New England which means pool opening is right around the corner.  With proper winterization, there shouldn’t be too many surprises when removing the cover.  However, one never can be sure what they have in store when they open their pool for the season.  Green water and torn liners are common problems homeowner deal with.  With proper care and maintenance, a vinyl liner can last several years.  With a cost ranging up to $4,500 for pool repairs in CT, why wouldn’t you take the extra time to extend the longevity of your liner?


Whether someone jumped into the pool with a sharp object, or a branch tore the liner during a storm, accidents happen! The important part of this is that you take immediate action.  A neglected rip in your liner can leave you with much larger issues to deal with.   For instance, water leaks often occur because of liner tears.  Water seepage into the soil under your pool can result in a shift.  If your pool were to shift, you might end up with cracks resulting in complete replacement.


Pool owners know the importance of maintaining proper chemical levels for the safety of swimmers.  Left untreated pools can harbor many bacteria that could cause several different illnesses in humans.  Beyond safety concerns, chemicals can also benefit your pool by eliminating unwanted grim buildup.  However, the addition of too many chemicals can work against the lifespan of your liner.  Harsh chemicals, such as chlorine, can breakdown the integrity of the vinyl over time.  Similarly, direct contact of chlorine to your liner may also cause your line to lose shape and wrinkle.

Water Level

Maintaining the ideal water level is imperative to the life of a vinyl liner.  Exposure to sun and wind can cause the material to dry and crack. If you find yourself in a situation that calls for water drainage, be sure to bring the levels back up as soon as possible.  Also, if possible, lowering water levels on cloudier days avoiding hot direct sunlight will help the integrity of your liner.


Because your pool will outlive the liner, at some point, it will need replacing.  For pool repair in CT, contact Heritage Pool.  With over 60 years of combined experience, the second generation company offers precise pool measurement and complete vinyl liner replacement.  With most jobs completed in one day, Heritage Pool will you have you back in the pool swimming in no time at all! Visit them online or call them at (860) 928-0118.

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